Really, I’m Here…..


Gatsby, Leslie and Chloe

It’s been a really, really, really long time since I posted.  Just to update everyone, in the past three years there has been complete turnover in the animal kingdom in our family.  What does that mean?  It means that the three dog spirits who were my last three dogs all told me they wanted to return after they completed their last lives and be new dogs with me!  And they did!  Betsy came back as Chloe.  Riley came back as Gatsby.  Mindy (who lived to age 17!!) came back as Leslie.  I was guided to them in unique ways for each.  During this transition time the animal household was a mix of seniors and puppies. Now there are two dogs who are three years old and the other is one.  It’s a happy, loving circus!  They love being with each other!  They play, jump and run together and Gatsby is the alpha dog….again!  And some of the “dog wisdoms” they share with me are priceless.

I will REALLY try to be a better blogger as I go forward……

Enjoy your summer!

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