The Mice Are Mad

Holy smokes!!  It’s been way too long since I have blogged.  I’m not sure where the time has gone!!  Life!!

I have had a “mouse issue” in my attic for about a year now, almost since I moved into the house.  I have become the queen of steel wool in holes.  I’ve had professionals come in to caulk and evaluate what is going on and yet, about 3 AM on too many nights I could hear the scampering of “feet” above me.  I’ve told the mice they belonged in the “great outdoors” and the dogs have assisted me as well in telling them.  Yet, we continued to have night visitors.

Last fall I realized that there was an opening in the roof where two eves met.  I also saw droppings there.  I got a can of expanding caulk and started caulking the area closed.  Things got quiet and then winter came and it was very quite and I thought, maybe, the mice were gone for good.

Not!  Last week I started hearing the pattering again.  That was it!  There are a few other areas where the eves meet on the roof so on Sunday I stopped at the Home Depot for caulk and steel wool.  The holes on the roof were so large that the caulk would not work.  I began stuffing steel wool in the holes and literally ran out.  However, I had gotten most areas…..but it was not enough.  That night there was the patter of feet again.  So Monday I went out and got more steel wool and stuffed it in the last spot on the roof.

That night my dachshund Chloe (who is now one year old and getting to be her wise self) said to me, “the mice are mad”.  I asked her why and she said they could not get in the attic and that they liked it up there.  I told Chloe to tell them the attic was off-limits and that they belong in the great outdoors.  That night it was quiet above me all night; so was the next night and the next.  I’m hoping it continues.  This morning puppy dachshund Gatsby said that the mice may be moving to find another house where they can go in the attic.  I told Gatsby that was just fine!

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