Rescuing Our Creatures

I was on my way into church on Sunday and there was a stray dog roaming the parking lot.  Before I knew it I was trying to catch him along with two other women.   He finally came to me and I put my arms around him and held him while one of the other women went to her car for a leash.  We got the leash and collar on him and tried to think what to do next.  There are a lot of animal rescues in Tehachapi.  However, it was Super Bowl Sunday and not a good day to get a response.  We were on our cell phones trying to call everyone we knew.  I finally got ahold of one and they were full up but could assist in supporting the dog if someone would foster him.  It was not an option for the three of us to foster the dog.  I went to the pastor who was standing in the back of the church and asked if he would make an announcement about anyone losing a dog (possibly out of their car) or if anyone could foster him.

We stayed with this little guy during church.  He told me he had gotten away from his family and he didn’t think he would see them again.  He was scared.  We all tried to reassure him we were there to help him.  He was hungry and we got him some food.

After church a woman came out and offered to foster him.  We were so grateful.  She named our little guy Anthony after Saint Anthony, finder of lost things. 

We are all assisting getting Anthony processed with the rescue so that he can be adopted.  We have great hope for this little guy.  He is so loving.  He reached up and put his “arms” around each of us and hugged us.

I am amazed how one stray dog can bring so many people together.  I am now acquainted with three women I did not know.  We are all animal lovers and no doubt will become friends.

Just one little lost dog can do all that for humanity……

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