Animals Are Accepting

I’ve come to the conclusion that animals seem to accept their situations, whatever they may be, much more than humans.  We worry about our pets with such thoughts as “are they in pain?”, “will they get better?”, “are they happy?” just to name a few. 

My experience with animals is that they often tell me their “humans” worry too much about them.  For example, a horse I work with sometimes shows signs of stiffness in his legs.  His owner remains continually concerned as to how she can help him feel better.  He finally told me one day, “Tell her to stop worrying.  I’m pretty good.  She always worries.”  In other words he may have been trying to remind us to look at the positive side of things.  He’s up and walking, the sun is shining and he’s enjoying his food and his family.  What more is there?

Really, what more is there?

Have a wonder-full week, readers.

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