Really, I’m Here…..


Gatsby, Leslie and Chloe

It’s been a really, really, really long time since I posted.  Just to update everyone, in the past three years there has been complete turnover in the animal kingdom in our family.  What does that mean?  It means that the three dog spirits who were my last three dogs all told me they wanted to return after they completed their last lives and be new dogs with me!  And they did!  Betsy came back as Chloe.  Riley came back as Gatsby.  Mindy (who lived to age 17!!) came back as Leslie.  I was guided to them in unique ways for each.  During this transition time the animal household was a mix of seniors and puppies. Now there are two dogs who are three years old and the other is one.  It’s a happy, loving circus!  They love being with each other!  They play, jump and run together and Gatsby is the alpha dog….again!  And some of the “dog wisdoms” they share with me are priceless.

I will REALLY try to be a better blogger as I go forward……

Enjoy your summer!

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The Mice Are Mad

Holy smokes!!  It’s been way too long since I have blogged.  I’m not sure where the time has gone!!  Life!!

I have had a “mouse issue” in my attic for about a year now, almost since I moved into the house.  I have become the queen of steel wool in holes.  I’ve had professionals come in to caulk and evaluate what is going on and yet, about 3 AM on too many nights I could hear the scampering of “feet” above me.  I’ve told the mice they belonged in the “great outdoors” and the dogs have assisted me as well in telling them.  Yet, we continued to have night visitors.

Last fall I realized that there was an opening in the roof where two eves met.  I also saw droppings there.  I got a can of expanding caulk and started caulking the area closed.  Things got quiet and then winter came and it was very quite and I thought, maybe, the mice were gone for good.

Not!  Last week I started hearing the pattering again.  That was it!  There are a few other areas where the eves meet on the roof so on Sunday I stopped at the Home Depot for caulk and steel wool.  The holes on the roof were so large that the caulk would not work.  I began stuffing steel wool in the holes and literally ran out.  However, I had gotten most areas…..but it was not enough.  That night there was the patter of feet again.  So Monday I went out and got more steel wool and stuffed it in the last spot on the roof.

That night my dachshund Chloe (who is now one year old and getting to be her wise self) said to me, “the mice are mad”.  I asked her why and she said they could not get in the attic and that they liked it up there.  I told Chloe to tell them the attic was off-limits and that they belong in the great outdoors.  That night it was quiet above me all night; so was the next night and the next.  I’m hoping it continues.  This morning puppy dachshund Gatsby said that the mice may be moving to find another house where they can go in the attic.  I told Gatsby that was just fine!

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My Gatsby, My Little Man

Today was a big day for Gatsby, my 7 month old dachshund.   He was neutered or as I call it, “got the snip”.  We were the first ones at the vet’s at 7:30 AM so that he would be one of the first taken and would have plenty of time to wake up and come home this evening.

At about 11:15 AM the vet’s office called and told me Gatsby did well and was ready to come home.  Ready to come home????  Evidently he was awake, doing well but was unhappy and crying (and if all truth be told, was annoying the doctors and staff). 

This was not a new concept to me with this little soul dog who is now Gatsby and was Riley in his last life.  Riley was always known to be “quite loud” as it was kindly put to me at the vet’s office near where we lived in Ventura County, CA.  One time he had a dental and was to be picked up at 5 PM or 6 PM that night.   However, I got a call from them about 2 in the afternoon.  The receptionist was quite perky in saying, “Riley’s ready to go home now”.  I was surprised by this early response.  When I replied, “Oh, I’m in meetings all afternoon and can’t pick him up until close to 6 PM” there was a silent pause from the other end of the phone and a little, what sounded somewhat tired and sad, “Oh……” from the receptionist.  And, in the background I thought I could hear my Riley making his “yelp, yelp, yelp” bark……

Today the first thing that I heard when entering the vet’s to pick up Gatsby was his “yelp, yelp, yelp” coming from somewhere in the back of the office.  I guess some things remain close to the same when animals come back……at least for my little buddy, Gatsby.

He is now curled up sleeping like a little lamb….no noise at all……

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Rescuing Our Creatures

I was on my way into church on Sunday and there was a stray dog roaming the parking lot.  Before I knew it I was trying to catch him along with two other women.   He finally came to me and I put my arms around him and held him while one of the other women went to her car for a leash.  We got the leash and collar on him and tried to think what to do next.  There are a lot of animal rescues in Tehachapi.  However, it was Super Bowl Sunday and not a good day to get a response.  We were on our cell phones trying to call everyone we knew.  I finally got ahold of one and they were full up but could assist in supporting the dog if someone would foster him.  It was not an option for the three of us to foster the dog.  I went to the pastor who was standing in the back of the church and asked if he would make an announcement about anyone losing a dog (possibly out of their car) or if anyone could foster him.

We stayed with this little guy during church.  He told me he had gotten away from his family and he didn’t think he would see them again.  He was scared.  We all tried to reassure him we were there to help him.  He was hungry and we got him some food.

After church a woman came out and offered to foster him.  We were so grateful.  She named our little guy Anthony after Saint Anthony, finder of lost things. 

We are all assisting getting Anthony processed with the rescue so that he can be adopted.  We have great hope for this little guy.  He is so loving.  He reached up and put his “arms” around each of us and hugged us.

I am amazed how one stray dog can bring so many people together.  I am now acquainted with three women I did not know.  We are all animal lovers and no doubt will become friends.

Just one little lost dog can do all that for humanity……

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Animals Are Accepting

I’ve come to the conclusion that animals seem to accept their situations, whatever they may be, much more than humans.  We worry about our pets with such thoughts as “are they in pain?”, “will they get better?”, “are they happy?” just to name a few. 

My experience with animals is that they often tell me their “humans” worry too much about them.  For example, a horse I work with sometimes shows signs of stiffness in his legs.  His owner remains continually concerned as to how she can help him feel better.  He finally told me one day, “Tell her to stop worrying.  I’m pretty good.  She always worries.”  In other words he may have been trying to remind us to look at the positive side of things.  He’s up and walking, the sun is shining and he’s enjoying his food and his family.  What more is there?

Really, what more is there?

Have a wonder-full week, readers.

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The Web Site Is Up And Running!!!

Today is a very good day!  My web site is up and running!  There will be additions and modifications to it but the basics are there.  What a good way to start 2012.  Thank you Pamela Zero, my wonderful webmaster!!!!!

My new puppies Gatsby and Chloe are growing and growing.  Today Gatsby started doing his “chatter bark”, something he did as Riley.  He has a sweet bark and he is very expressive.  What a little guy.  I asked him why he seems to be “chattering” less than when he was Riley and he said that he sometimes “overdid it” in his last life and he’s trying to be better.  Animals are observant creatures.


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Hello Thanks-Giving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is a lot to be thankful for.  I’ve been back in California for a year now and a lot has happened.  Two of my dogs transitioned in the Spring and Summer.  The good news is that they both came back for another lifetime with me.  This is their third lifetime each with me.  What a blessing!!!  My Riley is now Gatsby and my Betsy is now Chloe.  They are loving their puppy lives and it is a happy time to watch them grow and experience everything through their puppyhood.  I am also very thankful for my other dog Mindy who is now almost 16.5 years old.  She is the wise one, sits on her pillow in the family room and tells me that she see “beautiful angels” outside.  I appreciate her so much.  I’m making my first attempt at uploading pictures of my little dog family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

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